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Exhibitor List

1 Kono Corporation Ltd. Watch, IoT Smart Stick, LED Hazard Signal 바로가기
2 GELFARM Gelpharm Derma Time Gels Ampoule, Gelpharm Derma Time Gels Double White Cream 바로가기
3 GRIP POWER TECH CO., Easy power grip(Golf enhancement grip) 바로가기
4 GGOMOOSIN CO., LTD Sock shoes(Baby, Toddler, Adult size) 바로가기
5 NAUMADE CO., LTD. Non-conductive, Insulating detergent 바로가기
6 Niche Stitch Fiber perfume 바로가기
7 Dr.Althea Oasis Soothing Mask 바로가기
8 Daiseung Medics X-ray Protective Apron 바로가기
9 DAEHYUNENTEC Co., Ltd wearable air purifier 바로가기
10 The Little Peony Korea Media contents, consumer goods 바로가기
11 DUEK KEUM CO., LTD Cosmetic 바로가기
12 DNATURE BIO LABS Health functional food, food and beverage 바로가기
13 DOHbio Cosmetics 바로가기
14 Depack Corporation Acnepatch,Skincare 바로가기
15 Radianqbio Automatic Heart Impactor (AED) 바로가기
16 Life On Lab COVID-19 VHP+ Plasma Automatic Disinfector 바로가기
17 L’air Pur Co., Ltd. Portable Oxygen Canister 바로가기
18 REDINDEX LTD Beauty props, household goods 바로가기
19 rowooncreation Cosmetic 바로가기
20 rowooncreation High frequency Brain on 바로가기
21 MASK GONGJACKSO CO.,LTD KF94 mask, KF-AD mask, children's mask, dental mask, etc.
22 My Home Shopping Kitchenware 바로가기
23 Magico Design Co., Ltd sunglasses, frames, glasses 바로가기
24 Momsumerlab Co.,Ltd Baby Cosmetics 바로가기
25 Medicosbiotech Inc Hair loss relief sampoo, tonic, treatment 바로가기
26 MYUNGDO P&G CO., Ltd. Tokpokki, Snack, Sauce 바로가기
27 MONASVENTANA Co.,Ltd Cosmetics 바로가기
29 miiobio beverages 바로가기
30 BIOARA Co., Ltd. Peppermintestinal herb 바로가기
31 Vault Creation Co.,Ltd Fashion Mask 바로가기
32 Buheung Medical Co., ltd. Urinary incontinence therapy, low frequency therapy, diet equipment 바로가기
33 beautytech Beauty equipment 바로가기
34 BNC Tech IT, Software 바로가기
35 SOLTECH CO.,LTD. Network Switch Equipment 바로가기
37 Smart Study Co., Ltd. Pinkfong Microphone (English)
Pinkfong Baby Shark Alphabet Bus
38 STEK Antibacterial film, antibacterial personal protection, automotive protection film 바로가기
39 studio vandal Co.,Ltd animation media contents 바로가기
40 SPES CO.,LTD. Cosmetics 바로가기
41 SYSMATE Digital Signage 바로가기
42 3D TADA Co.,Ltd. 3D modeling software 바로가기
43 HonorKin Coclip Diffuser, Golf Swing Guide 바로가기
44 ASHESEVEN CO., LTD. Cosmetic 바로가기
45 IMB Dx, Inc. Blood-Based Cancer Diagnosis/Monitoring Tests 바로가기
46 Alpha Alarm Tech Co.,Ltd Alarm, signal, electronic whistle 바로가기
47 AppDoctor Part-time coupon/project service 바로가기
48 AppMedia Inc. Appbook 바로가기
49 ESENCIA Co.,Ltd Toothbrush sterilizer, baby goods sterilizer, mask, contactless thermometer, etc. 바로가기
50 SC Commerce CO., LTD. Unmanned Café "Caffé Si" Keurig®K-CUP Compatible Coffee Capsules From Korea 바로가기
51 Srtechnology Corporate Distributor, dummy load, attenuator, cavity filter 바로가기
52 ske co.,ltd Electrical and Electronic Idea Products 바로가기
53 STB International Co., Ltd. Cosmetic 바로가기
54 Abill Korea Co.,Ltd. Cosmetic 바로가기
55 A.N.S Development Co., Ltd. Automatic umbrella packaging machine, umbrella rain remover, eco-friendly umbrella vinyl, etc. 바로가기
56 FG-BEAUTY Cosmetic 바로가기
57 ENDO MEDICS Beauty products, household goods, health products 바로가기
58 NOTS CO.,LTD Cosmetic 바로가기
59 NTRADE INC Cosmetic 바로가기
60 mpacplus Neck cooler 바로가기
61 fox corporation Cosmetic 바로가기
62 YBT SOLUTION Co., LTD. Medical device, Splint 바로가기
63 WOOIN INT Cosmetic 바로가기
64 Wooju Mulsan Co.,Ltd Virus Barrier Plus 바로가기
65 Unipack Korea Co., Ltd. Cosmetics 바로가기
66 Iroun Mulgyeol Non-contact Infra-red thermometer 바로가기
67 ENLIPLE, Co., Ltd. Chat-bot, AI, Retargeting Advertising, Big data, S/W 바로가기
68 Infinity Energy Co., Ltd. Smart Bench, Smart Access Panel 바로가기
69 J9cosmetic Co., Ltd. Cosmetic 바로가기
70 JR INTERNATIONAL AG INC design phrases, stickers 바로가기
71 J.Y.C Korea Cosmetic 바로가기
72 JWORLD INDUSTRY CO.,LTD Baby mats and blocks, pet mats 바로가기
73 Jeil Medical Corporation Orthopedic medical equipment 바로가기
74 JUNE.F Co., Ltd. Baby Product, Ergonomic functional Infant Bed 바로가기
75 Juans Biotech Inc. Cosmetic 바로가기
76 GNET SYSTEM Co.,Ltd. Broadcasting and wireless communication devices, CCTV 바로가기
77 CHANGJO MYEONGIN CO.,LTD. Cosmetic, Food 바로가기
78 Cocktail Media Corp. Media Contents 바로가기
79 COMART SYSTEM Co., Ltd Broadcast camera, security camera 바로가기
80 kmspartner co.,ltd. Mini beam projector 바로가기
81 COGOTOOL CO., LTd. endmill, drill 바로가기
82 KOELE Bags 바로가기
83 CUBEBIO Medical devices 바로가기
84 CREANGHOLDINGS Cosmetics and health functional foods 바로가기
86 Tootech co.,ltd Laser Label Printer, Label 바로가기
87 TRADEWAVE CO.,LTD Cosmetic 바로가기
88 TSZEN Medical laser 바로가기
89 PASCAL INTERNATIONAL skincare cosmetics 바로가기
90 Feliz Group Co.,Ltd instant coffee 바로가기
91 FURENCE CO.,LTD Call Center Solutions 바로가기
92 PURIFEE menstrual pain relief patch, sports gel, bugaway, natural soap 바로가기
93 Flimeal Corp. High protein meal replacement 바로가기
94 PnP Biopharm Co., Ltd. Cosmetics, Cosmetics Ingredients 바로가기
95 PP-Solution Inc. GPS Receiver 바로가기
96 Pillars of Creation Co.,Ltd Whistle Fine Dust Meter 바로가기
97 HARUEN LIFE CO.,LTD Beauty equipment and household goods 바로가기
98 HASUNG E-sis Beauty devices and pet beauty devices 바로가기
99 hanjiculture co. Solid Perfume Liquid Perfume Deodorizer